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Dr Petra M. J Pollux

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Steering Committee

A steering committee consisting of dementia professionals and University of Lincoln psychology students have been consulted throughout the design and development of the Cognitive Daisy research project. The current membership of the committee includes:

  • Esme Moniz-Cook (Professor of Dementia Care Research),
  • Mark Howard (Admiral Nurse),
  • Carol Duff (Consultant Occupational Therapist ),
  • Julie Quincey (Regional Care Home manager),
  • Conny McGowan (Senior Carer),
  • Anne-Marie Smith (Development Officer, Headway),
  • Jagdish Sharma (Consultant Physician)
  • Karen Peffer (Design)

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI):

  • Karen Missenden
  • Annette Binding
  • Allan Binding
  • Pete Lunt
  • Pauline Mountain

Research Assistants

Todd Parsons – Worked on the design of the Cognitive Daisy and assisted in the development of the ‘Petal-By-Petal” guide. Todd also helped to produce the Cognitive Daisy test guide.

Sammi Harrison – Recruited older adult participants and collected and entered the control data from our first pilot study.

Matthew Foxwell – Created the Cognitive Daisy website and redesigned the new Cognitive Daisy logo with Manal Khan. He also helped to develop the “Petal-By Petal” guide, designing the layout and graphic design.

Federica Menchinelli – Entered pre and post-intervention data from carers and assisted with creating the Cognitive Daisies for residents. Federica also helped to develop the Cognitive Daisy assessment materials and has worked on the Cognitive Daisy test guide.

Gemma Williams – Helped with the coding and entry of data from carers participating in the first pilot study.