The effect of COG-D on recall and decision making

We are planning a series of experimental studies investigating whether recall of cognitive strengths and weaknesses improves with COG-D and whether the information provided in the daisies influences decisions regarding care-choices.

COG-D feasibility phase B:

The main aim is to determine whether COG-D is more effective in improving the quality of life in people with dementia living in care homes than usual care. To evaluate this, several impact measures will be recorded for carers and residents before and after the introduction of COG-D in a larger number of care homes in Lincoln. Introduction of COG-D includes a neuropsychological assessment of the residents. This assessment (conducted in the care home) will take place when it is most convenient for the resident. Once the neuropsychological assessment has been completed, the daisies will be created and will be placed in a discrete location in the resident’s room and in the care plan. The carers will be introduced to COG-D in an online training session.

If you would like to be involved in this project once the planning stage is completed, please contact us now to express your interest. We will give you more information about what participation would involve for the carers and residents.